Personal Training and Nutritional advice for you in your home, garden, park, gym, office or playground at a time that suits you.

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Do you need to lose weight or put weight on and tone up? Do you need nutritional advice how to do so? Do you feel uncomfortable in the gym? Find classes too advanced, difficult or competitive? Embarrassed because you can't keep up or a bit lost when it comes to lifting weights?

Maybe you just haven't had the nerve to make it through the gym door. Has a doctor advised you to lose weight but you are not sure how to go about it? It's ok, you are not alone, there are many people in the same situation.Whatever your reason, if you are overweight or underweight and want to get fit, we can help!

We will help you take the baby steps necessary to vastly improve your lifestyle so you can reach your goals. The "all or nothing" approach does not always work simply because it is difficult to keep it up long term! Let us help you make changes and get you on the road to fitness.

Also, we will be there with you when you want to go to the gym or you want to run your first one km, two kms, three kms and even five kms! You will reach your goals with our help!

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What does to help you get fit!

Individual Fitness Plans

We don't have to go to a gym to exercise, we can exercise in the comfort of your own home, the back yard or outside in a park, the beach - anywhere!

Training & Fitness Motivation

Flexible one on one or group training sessions with a qualified instructor who will oversee your training and exercise program keeping you focused and motivated.

Expert Nutrition Advice

Guidance and advice on eating healthily. We will help you reduce your calorific intake while building up your exercise routine enabling you to boost your metabolism.

If you want to change your body, you first have to change your thinking.

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